Poems I Have Written

Here I will be posting poems I have written.  These poems could be ones I wrote in class or ones I wrote a very long time ago.  I am going to try and keep up with writing a bit more frequently, as I have found it to be very releasing of feelings that pent up over time.  I hope you enjoy them.  I will be updating this page frequently.  So check back!


The Gift




Only One


The Girl In the Painting

Mirror Image

The Inevitable Struggle

Art by MJR

The Inevitable Struggle


It brings you down.


Waking up with the thought of success.

As you walk on life’s path, it sneers and hurls stones,

Stone after stone, life’s malicious grin never fades,

Crushing your spirit with each unrelenting cascade.

Battered and bruised, just about making it through the day.

Still, you stand and breathe.

Collecting the strength to keep moving,

Willpower alone you walk beyond the threshold of safety.

Sleep just beyond reach, a prize you cannot win.

Though sleep may seem far away, hope lingers.

Whispers of a brighter day.

Just for life to bring larger stones tomorrow.


-GLC 4/10/2023

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