5 Inspiring Authors that Help the Creative Juices Flow

5 Inspiring Authors that Help the Creative Juices Flow

In all the books that I have read on how to become a great writer, everyone of them said you need to read as much as you can. Growing up my mom was the avid reader and eventually my brother followed suit. For me, reading was a tedious affair. I was too caught up in my own imagination and when I read a book and found the story to be frustrating, I just would put it down. I figured I could come up with a better story on my own. However, what I did not know is that reading these other author’s and their stories was giving me the groundwork on how to complete a successful piece.

Since then I have read a lot more works and continue to do so. I even read books I may not have otherwise picked up in hopes of finding that one story that inspires the next one in me. The following authors I have read and found inspiration to continue with my own work. I hope they inspire you as well.

She is best known for her historical horror fiction series of the vampire Saint-Germain.

Chelsea Quinn Yarboro is an amazing writer.  She ties historically accurate time periods with her fictional characters. Her stories are immersive and rich with information. I find her inspiring because she seamlessly weaves a story within a history laden background. If you are looking for a book to help get some inspiration I suggest “Hotel Transylvania” by her.  It was the first book I read, and I pick it up to read again quite a bit. There is horror, romance and of course history. 

She is best known for her works regarding the vampire Lestat.

Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash

Steeped with religious overtones and romanticizing the world of the vampire, Anne Rice is on another level when it comes to writing. If you are looking to read into a rich world of lore and backstories, then she is the author for you. Although known for her vampire series, I would suggest reading “The Mummy”. Not unlike the vampire novels, this has great historical references as well as being a love story.  Best of both worlds if you ask me!

Immersed in childlike fantasy, his books can jump start any imagination.

Roald Dahl has been in my collection since I was a child. We have all seen Willy Wonka, but have we all read the entire series that was written by Dahl? Well I have. Each book is a masterpiece of the world through a child’s eyes. The vocabulary is colorful and vivid enough for the book to come alive in your mind. The writing style is both mature but easy enough for younger kids to understand. I still read them to this day. There are two books of his that I love “The Witches” and “The Twits”. Both offer a great story and showcase his talent for great storytelling.

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Science fiction writing at its best.

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If you like dragons and anything fantasy related, then Anne McCaffrey is your source material. With her Dragon Riders series, you can fly on the back of a dragon. Play a song that dragons respond to and just live within the clouds of fantasy. She has a rich world she created and wonderful characters to follow. If you need a pick me up on science fiction writing, give her books a read and you will find inspiration for your next piece. I suggest reading “The Coelura”, I did a book report on this in sixth grade and I enjoyed doing it. Saying that should get you to pick it up right away!

Best known for his science fiction writing, but also wrote dystopian novels.

My mom is the one who got me into Ray Bradbury. She had his “Martian Chronicles” that she continually raved about. He was inspired by comic books and the amazing writers that came out within the 1950s. However, his writing intrigued me when it came to “Fahrenheit 451”. This dystopian novel can be compared to some of the very aspects of our lives now. His writing style is easy to read, and his descriptions make the visual within your mind’s eye almost perfect. I would suggest just about any of his works, but if you haven’t already read “Fahrenheit 451” you should do so right away.

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Inspiration is all around us.  Looking outside our window we can see a world of possibility. But there are times we just needed a little push in the right direction. These authors are well versed in their genre of choice. They have rich writing styles and the worlds that they created are vast. If you just take a dip inside their worlds, you will come out with a new outlook on the stories that you want to tell.

If you feel I missed any authors, or want to share your top five, please comment below. To receive alerts on when I have posted more please follow and share to your friends! Thank you for reading!

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Susan Magee August 19, 2019 at 2:03 pm

I’m excited to read Chelsea Yarboro. I love a good vampire book!

GCataldi September 1, 2019 at 9:57 am

She is an excellent writer, I cannot rave about her enough. I hope you enjoy her series!


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