Top 5 Duran Duran Songs

Top 5 Duran Duran Songs

I have a lot of different artists that I listen to.  I have already done a few of my favorites.  Music, as you must already know, is a huge part of my life.  I am not a singer or musician, but a lover of the art and it pretty much saved me throughout my life.  Duran Duran was a band I got into right before I heard my first Depeche Mode song.  Depeche Mode would eventually take over and become my all-time favorite.  But Duran Duran played a huge part in my transition from 8th grade to high school.

Most of their music, especially at the height of their popularity in the 80s, didn’t hold too much meaning in the lyrical department for me.  However, it did not mean that I wasn’t enjoying the sound.  Plus, they had a plethora of music videos as it was part of their image and they had to be in the most exotic places and wearing whatever was the height of fashion at the time.  I was never disappointed by giving me ideas for great places to use for my imagination.  Without further ado, here are my top five songs by Duran Duran.

1. Ordinary World – The Wedding Album

I have mentioned this song before in my other blog “Memory Inducing Music”.  This is lyrically a spectacular song.  I cannot say enough about how well-written this song is.  It helped me through my bus rides and from the line “if I try to make my way to the ordinary world, I will learn to survive.”, this was my mantra.  Even though school life was horrible, I was going to make it.  Once on that other side, it will be so much better.  Granted life always throws us curve balls and obstacles, but it has indeed, been better.  You can check out the official video here, however, I feel that they did the song dirty with this stupid video.  Makes no sense and has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song.  They missed an excellent opportunity to have a story-driven video.  Maybe I can give it a try one day…

2. Out of My Mind - Medazzaland

Another lyrically well-done song.  I was able to utilize it in a lot of aspects of my life as it marched forward.  In fact, I could probably attach it to some other situations if I listen to it again on a regular basis.  The video to this was…interesting.  It wasn’t as out of left field as Ordinary World, but it wasn’t necessarily as good as it could have been if they used the lyrics to drive the narrative.

3. The Seventh Stranger – Seven and the Ragged Tiger

I like most songs off the album Seven and the Ragged Tiger, but I think this one stands out to me the most.  I like the musical composition and it is easy to listen.  Not lyrically incredible.  Means really nothing to me in that regard. It is just enjoyable to listen to.  Another great song is an instrumental that comes right before this song on the album called Tiger Tiger.  Worth listening to, and great to go to sleep.

4. Lonely in Your Nightmare - Rio

Another song that had a slight meaning for me during those wonderful years of school.  Because I did feel lonely in this nightmare I was living.  The rest of the song kind of goes off the rails in what it could mean and how you may interpret it.  The video for this, while interesting and you get to see the band run around doing nothing, it is another one that could have been much better.  I digress.

5. Tel Aviv - Duran Duran

Purely instrumental with some weird vocals in the background.  I don’t know why, but I love it.  It is a great showcase of their musical composition skills, which have always been rather on point.  It is also a great song to fall asleep to or even have as background to a good fantasy session.

Honorable Mentions

Because Duran Duran is a favorite of mine, it is hard to limit it to just five.  So here are a few that I like to give honorable mentions to.  Of course, there could be a ton more, they have a load of “B” sides that I didn’t even go into.  But I will dabble here.

Secret Oktober – “B” side to one of the Rio single sets.  I know all the words and sing them loudly in the car, but the words mean absolutely nothing. I just like the sound and for whatever reason it gets me.

All You Need Is Now – Off of the newer album of the same name.  I just recently ventured into their newer stuff, and I really like this song.  Catchy and has some lyrical value.  Video is simply them performing the song.  I like it.

Falling Down – Off the album Red Carpet Massacre, it was the ban venturing into the 21st century sound with sampling and mixing.  I like it because there are elements to the lyrics that can be interpreted as seeing people suffering and people just looking on and doing nothing.  Another video that is not to my liking, however.

Big Bang Generation – Off Medazzaland, one of my son’s favorite songs by them, was an interesting album as it was during the mid-90s and they had added Warren Cuccurullo as their official guitarist.  There was a bit of an unbalance to the music, where the guitar seemed to overpower the rest.  But this song stood out.

Night Boat – The song is a little strange, but I liked the video that went along with it.  It made it a semi-favorite because of it.

As with any type of music, poetry, book, or movie, what someone’s opinion is means nothing to someone else.  But I like to think that maybe you would give one of the songs a try and perhaps you will become a fan.  If not a fan, at least enjoy the few songs I have listed here.  I like to discover new music and I hope I can help you also discover new things.

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