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Top 5 Games to Check Out

Top 5 Games to Check Out

I have been trying out some different games recently.  I had been obsessed with games made by BioWare, which I still am, but impatiently waiting for them to release something new.  Considering I played 651 hours of Dragon Age Inquisition on PS4, it is safe to say that when the new one comes out, I will likely disappear for a month.  Instead of replaying a game I already know inside and out, I wanted something new and different to play.  My son always has suggestions, as someone who plays a lot of different games, I respect his opinion.  However, he likes games that I will either suck at or start raging at.  I didn’t need to be stressed or aggravated.  Instead, I went on the hunt for some games that I would like and enjoy.

Below is a list of a few that I found in my searching that I wanted to share.  I think these are all well made games.  They kept me entertained and interested.  I finished all of them, so that says something.  Like my son would say “if mom can play it, so can you.”  I am a better gamer than he gives me credit for.  But I digress.

Sci-Fi Noir Adventure

Release: May 20, 2021

Developer: Digitales Interactive

This is an 8-bit style game and can also be played on consoles, which I didn’t know until I was looking up the release date information.  I got this in one of our humble bundle games and I thought it sounded interesting.  Then after a few days of nonstop playing I finished it.  You play as a detective to find out who killed a delegate that came in to talk about a peace treaty.  Your daughter gets kidnapped by a radical faction so that the talks never go through.  I find the story interesting, and it kept me playing.

Deck-building game with elements of escape room puzzles and psychological horror.

Release: October 19, 2021

Developer: Daniel Mullins Games

If you like real life collecting Pokémon or even Magic the Gathering, this is an awesome game for you.  It manages to make the game fun and not become boring.  It manages to morph into a different game as you work your way through it.  I also loved the let’s play that Markiplier did, if you wanted to check that out after you play the game for yourself of course.

Simulation game

Release: February 20, 2020

Developer: Placeholder Gameworks, Pineapple Works

If you have ever played Papers Please, this is along the lines of following a set of rules in order to complete out your day.  You play as a grim reaper that answers to Fate.  You need to decide who lives or dies.  Do you follow Fate’s instructions, or do you go against what he asks of you?  There are a few different endings to this game, and it is funny as well.

Survival game in an 8-bit format.

Release: March 11, 2019

Developer: Scriptwelder Studio

There are multiple scenarios you need to play out each day.  Fighting off giant spiders, biker gangs and blistering heat; you need to ready yourself each day to be able to survive to the next day.  An apocalyptic setting where the moon is about to crash into the Earth.  You not only have to survive each night but also the impending doom.  Great game.

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