Top 5 Games With Great Stories

My Top 5 Games With Great Stories

You may or may not already know I am an avid gamer.  Perhaps not as much as my son is, but still I classify myself as a gamer.  Some of these games that have come out over the years can be great for a few reasons.  Some are just great shoot ’em up style games.  Some are great for puzzles.  Some are great for just the visuals.  But for me a game needs to be a bit more than just game style and visuals, it also needs a great story to back it up.  This may be more towards the RPG genre of gaming, but not always.  Below are my top 5 games that I believe have a rich world, full of characters and adventures that go along with a great story.

1. Dragon Age Origins

Now I know there are three games out for this series.  But the original I have to say, is one of the best.  Bioware and the team that was with them in the beginning, before EA took over, were all gems.  Excellent set of writers, immersive storylines, and just great characters.  Origins is a little older, so the graphics may be harder to handle for some of those young people out there.  But I think the story is more than enough to make up for that.  This is probably my favorite game of all time.

2. Mass Effect

Another Bioware game, but instead of swords and shields, there are spaceships and biotics.  If you are into complete customization of your character, you may be a little disappointed.  You can change a little bit but not as much as the Dragon Age franchise.  Beyond that the characters are great, deep emotional connections can be made.  These games live with you.

3. Elder Scrolls Series

Skyrim is vast!  All these games offer immersive lives, lands, and environments.  These will take you awhile to get through and I know for a fact Oblivion can be comical with some of the glitches that have cropped up.

4. Heavy Rain

Quantum Dream knows how to put you into a beautiful setting.  You are plopped into a very rainy cityscape and play three different characters.  The basis of the game is finding the killer as well as the one character’s son.  It might seem basic but their story and the way they go about getting you to figure it out is great.  Not to mention one scene scared the crap out of me.  Check it out!

5. BioShock

This game scared me when I played it.  Besides the monsters that you end up facing, the old-style music just makes the scenes even creepier.  The story is well done for a horror type game and worth many replays.

Honorable Mentions

Jade Empire by Bioware.  A bit of an older game, before Dragon Age or Mass Effect, but their story telling capabilities are great.  My list probably would have been all Bioware, but we need diversity.

Assassins Creed 2/ Ezio Saga.  Besides being my favorite assassin, I think his story was very well fleshed out.  Most Assassins Creed games are rich with history and lore, but I don’t think they all manage to fill out the main characters story as well as they did Ezio.

Red Dead Redemption.  My son said I needed to add this one.  I have played a little of it, but he has played the whole game and the sequel.  He explained to me the story and it does seem to have a rich background to intrigue you.

While we all have our favorite games, this list is one that I feel gives a great story along with some great games.  They may not be all your cup of tea, but sometimes we need to explore to find something we would never have tried before.  I hope you liked this edition of my Top 5, please check out my other posts and I hope you will subscribe to be notifed when I update the site.  Thank you!

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