Top Five Dragon Age Companions

Top Five Dragon Age Companions

If you don’t already know, let me tell you.  My favorite RPG game is Dragon Age by Bioware.  I like the whole series thus far and am anxiously awaiting the new installment.  The last game that came out was Inquisition and that was nearly a decade ago.  Just to give you an idea of how much I love the game, I have over 700 hours dedicated to just Inquisition.  I am not sure what my totals are for the other two games.  But I am sure they are up there.  For me to get through the wait, I figured I would utilize my top five lists regarding the awesome companions you could have along with you on your adventure.  For your viewing pleasure, my top five companions that I will bring with me on every mission.  Buckle up!

  1. Varric Tethras

You meet Varric in Dragon Age 2, which for some is not the best game from the three that have come out.  Mainly because it is a directed adventure, not open world and was centralized in once city.  In their defense is that the story of Hawk, your character in two, took place only in the city of Kirkwall.  Unfortunately, Hawk’s life was not that well-travelled and full of horrible things.

Setting that aside, you meet Varric early in the game.  He helps your character get much needed funds to bring the family above poverty.  Then on a lot of adventures.  He has that great sense of humor, wants to help your character, and eventually become close friends.  He has the best lines in the party as you walk around Kirkwall.  I will say they missed out on enough lines for Varric in Inquisition, but he was still part of your team, and I was glad to have him there.

If it wasn’t for Varric being in two games, I think Dorian would have been number one.  Dorian is from Tevinter, which if you have played the game, Tevinter is the evil place in Thedas.  Mages run rampant and govern themselves.  Blood magic is used heavily, and slavery is legal.  Understandably when Dorian comes on the scene, people are suspicious and not willing to trust a mage from the land that southern Thedas has come to loath.  Turns out he is a good mage from Tevinter, as he likes to say.  Someone you can trust and is not out just for himself.  Rather he wants to build up Tevinter to be viewed on as a good place.  How the chaos that reigns is not the way to go.  He loves his homeland, just not how it is governed.

Dorian is romanceable if you are a male inquisitor.  Which of course you can play regardless of your own gender.  I have to say, not actually romancing him, I like him as my best friend over anything.  He is devoted to you and will help you with anything you ask of him.  Once you complete his missions and then talking with his father, you learn a lot of the intricacies of Dorian.  He is a deep character, he feels deeply, smart and if you gain his friendship, he will be with you till the end.  I love his character.

2. Dorian Pavus

3. Alistair Theirin

If you have played all the games and obviously chose the same routes as I did, he will be King of Ferelden in Inquisition.  The last of his line and rightful king.  Also, a grey warden when you first meet him in Origins.  He isn’t a companion in every game unfortunately.  Mainly because he is the king after the first game, and he wouldn’t have time to go traipsing across the countryside with you.  In the first game I would always bring him with me because he was my tank.  Plus, a love interest, so why not have them with you?

His banter with Morrigan and a good portion of the other companions is funny.  He can seem like an idiot or perhaps just charmingly innocent.  He makes the walking around interesting and there for a good laugh.  Not to mention not too bad to look at.  You only get to see him a few minutes in two and as well as Inquisition.  Unless you didn’t have Alistair become king, you will encounter him in other circumstances as a grey warden.  Admittedly I have not experienced those alternatives.  Great companion and worth bringing him to help fight those dark spawn.

Morrigan is in the first and third game.  However, she is mentioned in the second game.  She is a vital part of Origins and essentially in Inquisition.  She comes across as crass and not so much involved in caring too much about the individual player or other companions.  She is from Kocari wilds and lived a rather “wild” life away from civilized company.  While she did go out of the forest and experience the people of the outside world, she did that more for manipulations and gaining essentials that were needed.  She is an apostate, which just means a mage outside of the circle, and apostates are usually hunted by Templars.  She needed to keep in the shadows and distrusted anyone who came from outside the wilds.

You eventually gain her trust as the games progresses.  Her banter with Alistair is particularly hilarious.  She pokes fun of him as much as she can, which just makes for some entertaining adventures.  I find her perspective to be interesting, most of the time I disagree with her, I like to help people as I go along, and she is all for just getting the mission done.  In the end I do get her to be friends and she seems to soften a bit to the world she is not forced into.

4. Morrigan

5. Zevran Arainai

Zevran is part of an assassin group called the Crows.  He is sent to kill your character in Origins.  However, you best his plans and he asks to join your group to save his life.  While you may want to watch your back if you don’t aim to become friends with him.  But he is rather easy to get close to.  With some sarcastic humor and the endless flirting, just makes that camp discussion interesting.  If you happen to romance Alistair, he will become jealous or at least ask you if you prefer Zevran.  In some cases, you have to let him down easy and others you just reassure him.

He has a very interesting background, and you have to feel for him and all he went through.  Being an elf in this game is more like being a second-class citizen.  But since he was taken in by the crows, he has some bit of distinction.  His character is well written, humorous and you get to meet up with him again in Dragon Age 2.  However, how they made the elves look in two was just wrong all around.  It would have been interesting to see him in Inquisition, but you just get some letters from him at the war table.  Boring!

As you can see, I love these games and I love the deep and vibrant story that is presented so well.  The characters are so dimensional that I always wish that they could come into the real world.  With the good comes the bad and that will be my next list.  The bottom five of the people you come in contact within Dragon Age.  Sometimes the characters are just not fleshed out or you just hate them because they are generally stupid.  If I could be anymore plain I would.  I hope enjoyed this list.  If you have not check out any of these games, I hope you will now.  You will not be disappointed.

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