Top Five Games to Check Out – Continued

Top Five Games to Check Out - Continued

You may be thinking, wait didn’t you do a list like this already?  The answer is yes, you can check it out here. However, there are new games coming out all the time. Plus, there is no way I could find and play them all. By now you know I love gaming, so I will share any new cool games I think you should check out. Without further ado here is my refreshed list. Now get to gaming!

Release: 5/13/2022

Developer: Notovia

Platform: PC Game

Genres: Puzzle, Survival, Indie

This game has a little bit of everything.  Cycling through an array of cameras in different areas you need to find anomalies. Observation (as the title suggests) is the top priority. You can’t have too many anomalies at once though or you are done.  There are some jump scares, there are some not-so-PG points in the game, and I would recommend this not be to kids under 18.  I have both games 4 and 5 and I would recommend both.  It is something different and helps hone your memory.

Release: 3/30/2023

Platform: PC/MAC, PS 4 & 5, Xbox and Switch

Developer: Black Salt Games

Genres: Adventure, RPG, Lovecratian

Open water as expansive as the ocean creeps me out in reality.  I love to swim, and I do love the water.  But going out beyond the safety of a beach or pool just sparks crazy imagination as to what is down in that deep dark water.  This game gives me shudders with weird and creepy sounds.  It also employs shadowy underwater figures.  Besides that, you get to fish, explore, collect, and upgrade your boat.  I love the art style and it has a great concept.  If you enjoy Lovecraft themes this is the game for you.

Release: 3/29/2019

Platform: PC

Developer: NEXT Studios

Genres: Puzzle, Investigative, Indie

If you like to be a detective and piece puzzles together, this is the one to play. Headphones are a must for this game.  There are a series of recordings and conversations in each room that you can listen in on depending on the room you enter.  You have to figure out the people speaking and who committed whatever crime is being investigated.  Listening and note-taking are the key components of this game. I love it!

Release: 9/21/2021

Platform: PC/MAC, PS4 & 5, Xbox and Switch

Developer: Niceplay Games

Genres: Simulation, Indie

The art of potion making.  Essentially you collect ingredients to create potions to sell in your shop.  Each customer will want something specific and sometimes at varying levels of potency.  To discover each of the potions you need to use the ingredients you collected to move through a puzzle and if you land in a certain spot, you will find a new potion depending on if you hit it on the nose, and how strong the potion will be.  All the while you are saving to build the ultimate crafting machine in your basement.  I love the art style and the music.  Try it out!

Release: 8/6/2020

Platforms: PC/MAC, PS4 & 5, XBOX, Switch and mobile

Developer: Draw Me A Pixel

Genres: Adventure, interactive, Indie, Casual

Besides the title, the game is full of humor, puzzles, and storytelling.  Great concept, fun, and an excellent game to sit down and try.  You can download it on your phone too!  The ultimate!

I must admit that I was much more of a gamer when I was little.  Perhaps it is because I had fewer responsibilities when I was younger.  Either way, when I do find a good game to play, it is just so nice to settle into it.  I like to share these games for those that may not want to sit down to an epic adventure.  I will continually mention Dragon Age until I die, but that is over a 100-hour game.  Not everyone has that type of time to dedicate to a game.  These games, apart from Dredge, can be played in short bouts and even finished in one sitting if you are inclined to do so.  I will continue to share these top fives as I find them.  There will just be a span of time in between, finding the time to do so.  I hope these brought some awesome gaming to your life!

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