A Story of Another Beginning

A Story of Another Beginning

Writing, it is an art form and a source of great frustration.  We all come to the point where we either doubt our writing or we run into that wall that we cannot seem to easily climb.  I find most of my inspiration comes when I am supposed to be doing something else.  Such as being at work and trying to do what it is, they pay me to do.  All I want to do in that allotted time is write something.  Anything really.  But recently there has been a story that is begging me to be told.  I have since written about ten pages on it and have yet to revisit it again.  I am not doubting myself in the skill in which it has been written.  However, I am trying to find the best way to go about approaching this story.

I think I have tried to draft this story about four different times.  Each start of the story is different.  Each time I come back to the table for another go, I find another angle to tackle it by.  Part of the story is based on a real event, or rather a few events.  But the rest of the story is pure imagination.  I started the story in a way that is fictional, not using true events except for a single unique item that sparked the story to begin with.  That is always the constant.  I began the story again in a form of a dreamscape, but that seemed too convoluted, even for a fictional story.  I have in mind how I want it to end, but I can’t seem to begin it.  So, I am stuck.

This blog is supposed to be here as a tool to help those in need of a boost to their writing.  It is a way to give those confidence and an extra leg up on the process.  However, I felt like sharing this part of my own journey to perhaps also commiserate the need to write but not knowing where to begin.  So, is the story stuck due to my lack of a good beginning?  Maybe it deserves the truth in which it was borne from.  Perhaps it needs a little creative non-fiction to mingle with the pure fiction. 

So, in answer to my own questions, and perhaps even yours, I have produced some ideas.  I am going to take each incarnation of the story that I have sussed out so far and see the common denominators.  I hate to approach this in such a mathematical manner, due to the fact math and I are not friends, but I feel it is the right way to go about tackling the problem.  If there are parts that seem to scream to be kept, I can take those parts, add them together and possibly have my answer that I have been looking for.  

By no means am I saying you need to get out a calculator and scrap paper to figure out how your story should go.  But sometimes even the bits and pieces you may have shoved by the wayside, may turn out to be the answer you are looking for.  Take comfort that you are not at all blocked, but rather it is just scattered and waiting for you to put it back together.   

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