Another Year Closer to Senior Discounts: Reflections on Turning 40

Another Year Closer to Senior Discounts: Reflections on Turning 40

My birthday was on the 2nd! The big FOUR OHHHHH.  I could easily say this would be reflecting on life from the perspective of a 40-year-old.  But let’s face it, I reflect daily.  I figured I would write a piece on this exceptional birthday.  Over the years the way birthdays have been celebrated has changed.  From having a lot of different family members over and over across a few days as people came to visit. My Aunt Anne (we always just called her Anne) would bring a strawberry shortcake.  I don’t really like cake and I don’t like frosting.  So, the only things I ate off it were the large strawberries on the top and the chocolate shavings on the sides.  I enjoyed it nonetheless. When my dad was alive, we would spend my birthday at the Showboat down Atlantic City.  Since he and my mom would go down every Thursday, he would always have a comped suite.  It was awesome.

On my very first birthday when we moved to our farm, I invited kids from school.  I don’t think I did that again until 6th or 7th grade.  I mainly liked my house, my room, and the land as a safe space.  Bringing in people I associated with something negative was not something I wanted to infect that safe space if that makes sense.  If not, oh well.

I can’t believe it has been 4 decades already.  I don’t feel that age.  Not sure what it should feel like be that age.  My mom was always very active, taking care of the farm, garden, us, and the house. My dad even though older, he was always working on something.  I think seeing them made me think it really didn’t matter what age you were, you just keep doing whatever it was you wanted to do.  Ok, my back does hurt, and I have knee issues; the back is because of a car accident and the knees are my own fault.  Weight is a thing I struggled with all my life.  Just because I am 40 doesn’t mean I am going to be thin suddenly.  But I must do more.

I don’t believe I have taken too much for granted.  I always appreciated my parents, where we lived, and the life I had.  I appreciate where I am now, having a roof over my head, most of my bills paid, and food on the table.  I always made sure to document life and what was happening.  I have interviews with my dad, a video interview with my mom, and a slew of letters to myself dating back to when I was 9.  I know the past is special, nostalgia is always with us, so I take note.  But wow, four decades!!

I have lost people, gained friends, created a human, gone back to school, got a few different jobs along the way, moved, and am beginning to see who I have become.  As cliché as it may be, life truly is a journey and I think I have had a lot of adventures along the way.  Age doesn’t bother me, and I am looking forward to what life has in store.  Which may not all be positive, because we all know, that is life.  I am thankful for all the opportunities afforded me and I am working to become independent and self-sufficient.  Here is to the next 40 years!

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