Doing Your Research

A lot of our writing requires a level of research.  Whether you are writing a mystery or a period piece; we must see how a detective would work or how an 18th century household was run.  Where would you go to find that information?  Obviously, the internet and Google will be your go to.  But let me help you get a few good starts to different genre related information.

1. YouTube (Townsends)

18th century living and cooking.  This is a great channel for information on everything 18th century.  They go into detail with building, cooking, clothes, and basic life.  If you are writing a period piece or speaking about the time this is the channel to check out.

2. The News

I know this may seem basic, but the news can give us some interesting fodder for a story.  Obviously not taking names and word for word accounts, but it can at least give you a gist of an idea to use.  If you are looking to do a murder mystery or detective novel, the news can give you something to work with.  Reality can sometimes challenge our imaginations.

It may seem very archaic now-a-days, but to get an idea of home life from 1882-2016, this is the magazine for you.  Anywhere from WW2 cooking classics to the 1950’s newest appliances, you can get a full picture of what life was like in the homes of Americans in any decade.  The archives can give you a good idea for war novels and maybe a romance for the decades.

Some writers forget the small things in a novel.  The landscape is all around us and is important to bring the story to life.  Gardeners’ World is based in the UK, but the vast knowledge of the host plus the magazine that accompanies it is staggering.  Bring some color to your pages.

Working on a thriller?  I always found the true stories from Unsolved Mysteries to be creepy and interesting.  Some of these stories can be a great source of inspiration.  Want some help writing that mystery or psychological thriller, Unsolved Mystery has a plethora of great content.

All stories should have some form of research done.  Even those that may be about ourselves. We must do some soul searching and looking into our own lives to write about them.  Others need more research with the setting, period, characters and much more.  Depending on what project you intend to take on, I hope some of these ideas will help in search for the perfect story. 

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