Social Media Writing

Social Media Writing

I write text for my work on their social media platforms.  There is a lot of room for digital creators to write and get the word out, from creating an image, logo, or banner, to writing descriptions or about sections.  The good thing about social media text is that it can be short.  But with that, you need to get as much information as possible.  Every word counts.

Whether you are in marketing or want to market yourself, social media is a necessary evil.  It brings your audience closer, and it gets you seen and heard.  I am of the generation where Myspace and then Facebook were the go-to platforms.  Twitter is a good source for gathering like-minded individuals. TikTok is good to be seen and is a prevalent stage right now and then, and finally Instagram for another level of exposure.

Depending on the platform you use will decide how you would cater your writing for that audience.  I find Facebook and Instagram more forgiving if you want to tell a short story along with a photo.  Twitter should be short, maybe add some humor and then add that link to whatever project you are promoting at the time.  With TikTok and YouTube, you want to get creative with the titles.  It must catch people’s eyes and want to investigate further.  Granted there is so much clickbait out there, you want to be careful not to fall into stating something in the title that really has nothing to do with what you are showcasing.

Overall, social media content is where it is at.  Whether you are writing poems or a novel, you can market yourself across the board.  This is especially good for self-publishing.  Networking is key to any good marketing maneuver.  You want to network with other writers, publishers, and creators.  Find out about conventions, writers’ circles, and even festivals.  This will help get your work out there and meet your audience and like-minded individuals.  It is all about promotion.

The world may be changing, but there is no reason why we can’t bend it to our goals.  Good luck!

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