Writing With Technology

Writing With Technology

We all have cell phones and pieces of technology that seem to follow us around.  It is something I have seen evolve over the last 24-30 years.  From not having a computer in every house, to having on in your back pocket.  That has changed the way we communicate drastically.  We have shortened almost every word to the point of forgetting what words really are.

But I digress.  How can we get over the distraction?  If you can, turn off your phone.  The notifications can even make you look for them when they aren’t there.  It releases dopamine and that is the reason it becomes addictive.  Try to write on a piece of paper or notebook.  There is something to be said for the good old pen to paper.  I know a lot of people can type faster than they can write, so sometimes that can be seen as a hinderance to their craft.  They want to get it out as fast as possible.  If this is a big thing to you, then if you must work on the computer, disconnect from the internet.  I find when I am on the computer and staring at a blank word document, I can remember about a million things I had wanted to look up earlier that day.

There are products out there that cater to those looking for the speed of a keyboard, but the lack of connectivity is their main audience.  One such product is called FreeWrite (https://getfreewrite.com).  It is like a mini laptop but all it has is the keyboard and screen.  It has built in compacity for saving and easy transfer to your regular computer.  These can get pricey and may just be an expense you don’t want to fork out for the moment.  The Traveler FreeWrite runs you $499.  While it may be a good alternative, I would just take a pen and paper over spending $500.

Maybe you are the Z generation and handwritten things just seem completely antiquated.  May I be so bold as to suggest a typewriter.  You can find out at any secondhand store or even at your local garage sale.  They are usually inexpensive, unless you find a particularly rare one and you may fight over it with a fellow collector.  The only part that may be a little hard to get is the ink ribbons.  But that is what eBay is for right? It gives you the typing speed you, so desire and you are not distracted by some pesky internet.  Also, it saves on electricity, unless you get an electric typewriter.

While technology is a great wat to get us information and do things with ease, the creative process has suffered under its hypnotic gaze.  So, find a quiet spot.  Maybe a library, a park or in your own writing room.  Whatever you must do to give yourself a free space to sit and let that creativity flow.  Get comfortable.  Get your favorite pen, paper, keyboard, and cup of whatever to drink.  You have it within you to create great things.  Don’t let technology fool you into thinking you have to look for something.

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