Social Media Platforms and Writing

Social Media Platforms and Writing

While social media is a great way to get out there, it is not the only one.  New and upcoming writers may get discouraged when they don’t immediately garner millions of followers.  Sometimes things click and you grab the attention right away.  Other times it is a slow burn.  Either way, it is worth the effort.

However, there are other avenues you can travel down to help speed up the process.  A lot of authors I have spoken to have consistently stated that networking is a great way to get out there.  It may sound basic, and everyone should know it.  But I feel like this generation is so fixated on social media as the only form or way of getting their work seen and heard.  That is not the case.  Getting out there and speaking to people who are like-minded and want the same thing as you.  You bring your work to the masses instead of waiting for them to come to you.  Networking can mean and involve a lot of different things.

There are local writing groups that get together and discuss their projects.  There is Nanowrimo that helps those in the surrounding area get together.  It also works to help those starting out to get their word count up.  Where I used to live, they have an annual event called “Lines on The Pines” where local artisans, writer, and purveyors set up their wares.  If you already have a book published or something to display to the people, you can easily set up at any of these events and distribute your work.  Giving our signed copies is also a plus.  This also allows you to meet people doing the same thing and you can trade stories and ways to get yourself noticed.

Another area that may not have crossed your mind is conventions.  Comic-cons are chock full of writers as well as panels where they discuss their craft and body of work.  If you write Sci-fi, any of the Star Trek conventions would be a good area to get out to.  Horror cons are everywhere, if you write chillers or horror stories, here is another avenue to check out.  You will find so many others who are also traveling the same road as you.

While you are there, you being to meet people. Pass out your card or pamphlets, whatever your thing is.  This will become your social media gateway. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.  Especially from those that already have a powerful following.  Utilize it!  Have a look around locally and see what you can become a part of.  From there the sky is the limit.

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