Top Five Supernatural Episodes

Top Five Supernatural Episodes

I can remember when this series first was teased. I was very excited to watch it. I wasn’t disappointed. So, my love affair began with this show. Besides the fact of having a huge crush on Jensen Ackles, it offered stories of myth, local legends, and even cryptids. It might not be the most popular opinion within the Supernatural community, but I think the best-written seasons were the first five. Erik Kripke had a clear ending for the series and it was only supposed to last for the five seasons. When it was renewed and the ending was not “the end”, he eventually left and the show continued for another ten seasons. Like a lot of the CW shows, it fell into a loop of characters dying and then somehow finding their way back to the living. I know it doesn’t sound like I am selling the show for you to go out and watch, however, in between some of the repeat storylines, there are some great episodes. This list is not comprehensive and does not encompass the entirety of the series. These are just a few from the first five seasons. I will probably create another list for the next five seasons or add on to these.

1. Pilot

Why not just start with the beginning? It is what hooks you into the story. Setting aside the old cell phones and the obvious tones of the early 2000s, it still holds up. This episode just opens up by explaining who they are and what they do. Some backstory as to how they got there. One to start with.

This episode is when we finally figure out how to capture and interrogate a demon, which is vital for the overall storyline of the season. This episode is also when we meet one of my favorite characters “Bobby”. He will come to be someone you will love throughout the series.

2. Devil's Trap - S1E22

3. No Exit - S2E6

One of the main reasons I love this series is because they dive into local legends, as well as historical information. This episode is a homage to H.H. Holmes. If you are unfamiliar with that name, it is the United States’ first-ever serial killer. He built what has come to be known as the “Murder Mansion”. This is a great episode.

You will find through the entire show running that they like to throw some hilarious ones in there to break up the scare or seriousness of the others. This is one of them. Based on a lucky rabbit’s foot, they find themselves having good luck that turns bad. As people come in contact with the foot they experience the same and hilarity ensues.

4. Bad Day at Black Rock - S3E3

5. Ghostfacers - S3E13

While this is not the first time we meet with the Ghostfasters, this is probably one of the funniest as well as heartwarming. Back when the show was first on, the Ghostfacers had their web series. I have to see if that is even still available to watch. They are a great spoof of the ghost-hunting shows that were huge in the early 2000s. A must-watch.

The episodes were following an issue or a supernatural entity for the brothers to handle and get rid of. Underlining all of that, they are in search of their father, at least in the beginning, and the thing that killed their mother. The show seemed to forget the simple statement that Dean made in an episode “Saving people, hunting things, the family business.” I have heard that there may be a new season of the show, which will make it number 16. While I have fond memories of the show and enjoyed watching some of the episodes, I think they should just leave it. I didn’t think they needed 15 seasons, as it got ridiculously redundant. But that is my opinion. That is not to say in that massive pile of episodes there aren’t some good ones. Another list will be in the works. I highly recommend at least checking it out, if you haven’t done so already. It can seem daunting if you want to watch from beginning to end, but if you have enough time to binge a show, this is the one.

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