Top Five Mass Effect Companions

Top Five Mass Effect Companions

I am sure by now you know my love for Bioware games.  I am particular about the Dragon Age franchise, but Mass Effect was out before.  I remember first playing the game.  I didn’t finish the first time around but eventually, I got into it.  To be perfectly honest, futuristic space games are not my thing.  Give me medieval armor, dragons, and swords.  However, the game was engaging enough to keep me coming back to each game that came out.  Bioware writes immersive characters.  They have awesome background, personality, and their own types of dialogue with each other.  Everyone has their own preferences, so this list is just whom I enjoyed having along for the ride.

1. Urdnot Wrex

Wrex is a Krogan, if you know, you know.  In the game, Krogan are known for their strength, resilience, and aggression.  Wrex offers that complex multi-dimensional character you look for in a game.  He has a dry sense of humor and a strong sense of loyalty.  Having him on your team is invaluable.  He offers a unique perspective; he is blunt and won’t put up with ridiculousness.  I love his banter with the others and the back-and-forth with Shephard.  A must-have on your team.

I believe Garrus is probably the most beloved character in Mass Effect.  As a former C-sec officer, he has a strong sense of justice.  He is very intelligent, resourceful, and another one with a dry sense of humor.  While he has a strong moral compass, he does have a want for vengeance which can slightly be tempered in conversations with Shephard.

In most Bioware games each character has some sort of arc which ultimately results in a change.  Garrus has a strong arc, struggling with loyalty, identity, and purpose.  He wants to make a difference in the galaxy.  As you progress the game, he grows and becomes more confident in himself and what he wants.  The conversations you have with Garrus make a great break to the severity of the game.  Garrus sticks with you and that loyalty just makes you feel safe.  He is an overall great character.

2. Garrus Vakarian

3. Thane Krios

A Drell assassin with a tragic back story and a unique perspective on life.  He is featured in Mass Effect 2and you recruit him to help fight the collectors.  Drell remembers every single memory in perfect clarity.  He is quiet, introspective, and holds his belief closely.  As a Drell they are displaced from their home world.  Because of this, he suffers from Kepral’s Syndrome, a lung disease that renders them unable to absorb oxygen and ultimately, to breathe at all.

You can romance his character and in Mass Effect 3 when he does die, he writes you a beautiful letter that he is waiting for you beyond the sea.  I cried when I read it.  If you are that connected to a character and care about them, you know the writers did a great job creating them.

Kaiden is a highly skilled biotic soldier and a potential companion for Commander Shepard. He makes a good companion for several reasons. First, Kaiden is a dependable fighter who excels at long-range combat and has a high degree of tactical awareness. He is also a versatile biotic, capable of using his powers to control the battlefield and take down tough enemies. This makes him an asset in any combat situation.

Second, Kaiden is a thoughtful and empathetic person who values the opinions and feelings of others. He is always willing to lend an ear to Shepard or other members of the crew and offer support or advice when needed. His dedication to his duty and his loyalty to Shepard and the mission make him a reliable and trustworthy companion. Overall, Kaiden is a well-rounded character who brings both combat prowess and emotional depth to the team, making him a valuable and enjoyable companion in the Mass Effect universe.  Let me just say a downside is that he can be very narrow-minded.  In Mass Effect 2 when you start working for Cerberus, he cannot see past the name of an organization that has been known to do shady things in the past.  If he is so loyal to Shepard, why would he not listen to her/him that you are working for them for the great good?  He also takes a good amount of time in the third game to fully trust your character again.  I feel like everyone else knew you were doing good and helped save planets.  Kaiden seemed to be blinded by Cerberus and did not look at what your character was doing.

4. Kaiden Alenko

5. Miranda Lawson

Miranda is a genetically engineered human and a potential squad mate in the Mass Effect video game series. She is an exceptionally skilled operative with proficiency in weapons, biotics, and technology. Miranda’s combat prowess is matched only by her intelligence, as she was designed to be the perfect human specimen. Miranda is also a strategic thinker and is well-versed in the politics of the galaxy, making her an excellent resource for the player character in navigating the various factions and alliances.

Moreover, Miranda’s character development throughout the Mass Effect series makes her an excellent companion. At the beginning of the game, Miranda is depicted as cold and calculating, driven solely by her loyalty to the Cerberus organization. However, as the game progresses, Miranda begins to question her loyalties and her role in Cerberus, leading to a compelling character arc. This transformation makes Miranda more relatable to players, as they can see her struggle with the same issues of loyalty, morality, and identity that they may face. Overall, Miranda’s skills, intelligence, and character development make her an excellent and engaging companion.

In the end, this is all a matter of opinion.  I go into these games knowing I am going to get a compelling story and deep characters.  The gameplay is more of a side benefit.  However, saying that the game is engaging, keeps you on the edge of your seat and coming back for more.  I highly recommend the games and I hope you enjoy the characters as much as I have.

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